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Data Wizard Course

Master 2 professions for the price of 1:
Data Scientist and Data Analyst from scratch
  • Top profession, demand for which, according to IBM, will grow by 364% by 2025
  • Skills to predict processes and make the right business decisions
  • Live master classes, mentor support, projects in your portfolio
  • Internship opportunities in top IT companies Salary starting from $1000
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    Start: 08.07.24 О 19:00
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    Format: online
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    Duration: 4.5 months (30 hours of theory and 200 hours of practice)

Course Benefits

  • HR training
    In-demand job
  • AI not take your place
    AI won’t replace you
  • HR-prepair
    HR preparation
  • Employment with partners
    Employment with partners
  • IT-англійська
    IT English
  • Specific Skills
    Practical skills

Our Course is Suitable for:

  • student

    who wish to acquire Data Science skills

  • marketolog

    who want to use data to refine their target audience, optimize campaigns, and enhance marketing effectivenes

  • Фахівцям, які потребують DevOps-навичок

    who aim to analyze sociological data and draw conclusions from research effectively

  • programer
    Programmers (Python | QA)

    who plan to perform analytics using Python, improve data understanding, and enhance testing quality (QA)

  • DevOps-інженерам початкового рівня
    Beginner Analysts

    interested in automating information gathering, creating and training models, making predictions, and solving business tasks

  • manager
    Managers and Financiers

    who aim to learn how to collect and analyze data to improve managerial decisions and financial strategizing

Course Program

Each module prepares you for real-world tasks. This approach will help you become a successful software developer, work more easily on projects, and build your career.
  • effectivity
    Module 1
    Understanding the Basics of Data Analysis
    More details
    • You will learn to understand what data is important for business and how its analysis can lead to decision-making to improve business processes.
  • sql
    Module 2
    More details
    • Extracting necessary information: You will learn to use SQL to retrieve specific data from databases to solve particular tasks such as sales analysis or inventory tracking.
  • power Bi
    Module 3
    Power BI
    More details
    • Creating reports and dashboards: You will learn to create reports and dashboards in Power BI to visualize data.
  • python
    Module 4
    Basic Python
    More details
    • Data processing and analysis: You will learn to use Python for data processing and analysis.
  • Data Science
    Module 5
    Python and Data
    More details
    • Obtaining data from web services: You will learn to use APIs to get data from web services.
  • math
    Module 6
    Math for Data Science
    More details
    • Developing mathematical models: You will learn to develop mathematical models for prediction and optimization.
  • machine
    Module 7
    Machine Learning
    More details
    • Developing prediction models: You will learn to create machine learning models for prediction.

How Does Your Learning Take Place?

Online Format

Each session is conducted online with actual cases.

Focus on practice

The Data Wizard course is based on practice and interaction with experienced mentors.

Professional mentors

Only engaging learning from people with extensive backgrounds who know what they are doing and are ready to help.

Recorded sessions

Each session is recorded and available for viewing the next day

Flexible schedule

You can watch the recordings and study whenever and wherever it is convenient

Online platform

You will become part of a student community and be able to exchange experiences and questions

Your Path on the Course

  • Click to start your path
  • Access to learning
  • Course completion on the platform
  • Consultation from the course mentor
  • 3 months to master a new profession
  • Access to HR block
  • Placement in recommendations to our partners
  • Resume update, promotion, or transition to a new company with a higher salary
  • Exam completion
  • Completion of the 2nd part of the course and mastery of the profession
  • Improving your resume and social media profiles

Your Resume

Want to succeed like Netflix or Amazon? Start a career in DATA! An interesting and in-demand profession awaits you, for which employers are willing to pay well
Jupyter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook
Power BI
Power BI

Skills you will gain:

  • Working with databases in the Azure cloud environment
  • SQL skills for data extraction from databases
  • SQL queries for filtering, sorting, and aggregating data
  • Working with relational databases and tables
  • Data visualization for clear presentation of analysis results
  • Working with interactive charts and Power BI features
  • Working with the DAX formula language for Power BI
  • Python skills in the context of data processing and analysis
  • Mastery of libraries for data processing and analysis such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy
  • Developing mathematical models for data analysis and forecasting

Your Salary After Training

Data Analyst
Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Middle Data Scientist
Middle Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist

You can claim income after completing the training. You will need the basic knowledge required for daily tasks.

Your salary is expected to increase as your skills and experience grow. You need to master the following competencies:

Your salary is expected to increase as your skills and experience grow. You need to master the following competencies:

At the highest level, your career in Data Science can reach new heights:

Programming Basics (Python)
Mathematical and statistical foundations
Data processing and analysis (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
Machine learning (regression, classification, clustering)
Improving programming (Python) and expanding knowledge about libraries
Deeper understanding of statistical methods and their application in data analysis
Study of more complex machine learning algorithms and their practical use
Improving programming (Python) and expanding knowledge about libraries
Deeper understanding of statistical methods and their application in data analysis
Study of more complex machine learning algorithms and their practical use
Deep knowledge of programming, including working with large amounts of data and code optimization
Skill in the development and convenience of folding models of machine learning
Expertise in the selection and combination of different algorithms to achieve the best results

Your Resume Will Reach Our Partners!

  1. We will help you create or improve your LinkedIn page
  2. Teach you how to behave in interviews
  3. And what criteria to use when choosing the ideal job

Join Platma Academy and discover a world of endless opportunities and career prospects!

work with our partners work with our partners work with our partners
work with our partners work with our partners work with our partners

Employment Assistance

Platma Academy will help you not only with knowledge but also with starting a career.
  1. Graduates who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion and a recommendation letter from the course author Ihor Betlei!

  2. After two months of training, you will receive the first Data Analyst certificate, which you can use on your resume and use to look for a job while continuing your studies.

  3. After completing the entire course, you will also receive a Data Scientist certificate.


Installment Plan
Without Banks!

We offer flexible installment terms for our students:

  • Two months – two payments
  • Four months – four payments

Study in installments

and get a profession on favorable terms!

Course Author

Ihor Betlei
Head of R&D in Platma
  • 10+ years of experience in implementing BI, Data Science, and AI systems in business
  • 22+ companies from the USA/Europe/Ukraine with a turnover of +$22 billion/year
  • +20% – average growth in company turnover after implementing BI, Data Science, and AI solutions without increasing staff
  • Author of educational programs that have trained 700+ students
About Ihor Betlei:

Course Mentors:

Vladyslav Samoylenko
Mentor of the Data Wizard Course
  • Technologies: Power BI, Excel, Tableau, SQL, Python, Power Query, Machine Learning.

Over two years of practice:

  • Data Analyst at DataOX: Conducted analysis of large datasets, identified patterns, and developed reports to support strategic decisions.
  • Data Annotator at SupportYourApp: Processed and annotated data for training AI algorithms.
Denys Sokotov
Mentor of the Data Wizard Course
  • Technologies: Azure Data Studio, Jupyter, Power BI, Excel, SQL, Python, Power Query, Machine Learning.

Over three years of practice in data analytics:

  • International outsourcing company: Created reports and dashboards of various levels and types.
  • Developed a dashboard “Digital analysis of activities of universities,” which won the international contest “DigIn.Net 2: German-Ukrainian Digital Innovation Network – 2”

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is this course suitable for me if I am a humanities major?

    DevOps allows speeding up the implementation of changes in software development, reducing error correction time, and ensuring system stability.

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    Is this course suitable for me if I am not good at math?

    Thanks to Low/No-code tools, mathematical knowledge and programming knowledge are no longer mandatory for IT. The main thing for you is to clearly understand which business processes you need data analysis skills for and how to apply them in practice.

  • photo
    Is this course suitable for me if my English level is low?

    The course is available in Ukrainian, and English is not required. Moreover, we will “boost” your English in the IT English classes, which are also part of the course.

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    How to get an installment plan?

    Learn more about installment options by contacting our customer service department using the contacts on our website.

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    Why didn’t you include Tableau in the course program?

    Our Data Wizard course focuses on various skills in data analysis and data science. Although Tableau is a powerful visualization tool, we chose to focus on other aspects, such as SQL, Power BI, Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning, to provide deeper knowledge in the chosen field.

  • photo
    Why did you choose Python as the programming language for the course, not R?

    We chose Python for its versatility and wide range of applications in various fields, such as web development and artificial intelligence. Our course is designed to give students skills that can be used in different areas of professional activity. Python was chosen for its broad capabilities and good career prospects for our students.

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