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AI for Business and Marketing

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The AI course will help you fully leverage the potential of innovative technologies for your business. Join now and pave your path to success!
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    Duration: 3 months

Artificial Intelligence – the key to success in business and marketing!

The most successful companies use AI to strengthen their leadership and increase profits.
  • Amazon

    Improved recommendation systems with AI, boosting sales by 29%.

  • Netflix

    Uses AI to provide accurate content recommendations. Over 80% of Netflix users watch movies and series recommended by AI.

  • Microsoft

    AI for data analysis in Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps identify new growth opportunities and optimize production processes.

  • Google

    Google Enhances search algorithm results with AI, increasing the effectiveness of ad campaigns by 12%.


What You Will Learn After Completing the Course

  • 01
    plus skills

    Use AI for better audience understanding and more effective marketing campaigns.

  • 02
    plus skills

    Generate content using AI integrated into marketing strategies.

  • 03
    plus skills

    Apply AI for competitor analysis and developing competitive strategies.

  • 04
    plus skills

    Apply AI principles and methods to identify new opportunities.

  • 05
    plus skills

    Create and implement AI applications to optimize business processes.

  • 06
    plus skills

    Use AI to create diverse content and understand its capabilities.

  • 07
    plus skills

    Analyze key success factors in using AI to maximize benefits.

  • 08
    plus skills

    Understand the ethical aspects of using AI in business and consider these aspects in your strategy.

  • 09
    plus skills

    Evaluate the impact of AI on business and plan strategic steps.

  • 10
    plus skills

    Use AI to optimize search engines and websites.

Course Mentor:

Максим Могир
Maksym Mohyr
AI Expert at ItSmartFlex,
a subsidiary of Vodafone vodafone
  • 7+ years of experience in creating ML/AI-based products.
  • Successfully developed 4+ products from initial idea to completion. Reduced costs by 50% for specific company departments through AI process optimization.
  • International experience with companies and startups from Ukraine, USA, and Europe.
  • Worked on Vodafone client projects and developed recommendation systems in foreign startups (Checkstep, getwantd).
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Course Program

  • baseAI
    Module 1
    Basics of Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to AI
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the World of AI
    • Lesson 2: Key AI Technologies
    • Lesson 3: AI Usage Examples
    • Lesson 4: AI in Business
    • Lesson 5: Interesting Case Studies: How to Get the Most Out of AI
  • database
    Module 2
    Modern Generative AI
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Modalities of Using Generative AI
    • Lesson 2: Text Generative AI Models
    • Lesson 3: AI for Image and Video Generation
    • Lesson 4: AI for Voice and Audio Generation, Avatars
    • Lesson 5: Full Cycle of Creating Generative AI Content
    • Lesson 6: Ethics of Using Generative AI
  • transformationsAI
    Module 3
    AI Transformation: From Strategy to Execution
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Successful AI Transformation Cases
    • Lesson 2: AI Transformation Strategy, How and Where to Move
    • Lesson 3: ML/AI Projects, Unconventional Projects for Implementation
    • Lesson 4: From PoC to Production – AI Project Development
    • Lesson 5: Managing or Collaborating with an AI Team
    • Lesson 6: AI Tools for Productivity Improvement
  • gear
    Module 4
    Automation and Process Optimization: AI Efficiency
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Chatbots for Customer Service, AI for Communications Implementation.
    • Lesson 2: Websites and Presentations with AI
    • Lesson 3: Employee Training and Personal Development with AI
    • Lesson 4: AI Optimization in Human Resource Management
    • Lesson 5: AI in CRM Systems: Integrating AI for Efficiency Improvement
  • Data Science
    Module 5
    AI Market Analytics
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Processes and Methods of Their Optimization
    • Lesson 2: Audience Analysis with AI Assistant
    • Lesson 3: Competitor Analysis and Their Content
    • Lesson 4: SEO AI – Applying AI for Search Engine Optimization
  • marketingAI
    Module 6
    AI Marketing
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Creating Marketing Content with AI
    • Lesson 2: Optimizing Marketing and Advertising Materials Preparation
    • Lesson 3: AI in Excel – Report Creation and Data Management Optimization
    • Lesson 4: AI Bots – Why to Use Them, Client Feedback
  • fire
    Module 7
    AI Challenges and Trends
    More details
    • Lesson 1: Brand and Business Protection in the Era of Generative AI
    • Lesson 2: Data Protection and Privacy, How to Keep Confidential Data Safe
    • Lesson 3: AI Development Trends

Who Will Benefit from the Course:

  • Software Developers

    Who want to master the skills of creating AI applications and systems.

  • Business Analysts

    Who want to use AI for data analysis.

  • HR Specialists

    Who want to use AI for recruitment and personnel management.

  • Financiers

    Organizing management accounting with business metrics without having to review dozens of Excel sheets and wait for responses from analysts.

  • Marketers

    Who want to use AI to personalize advertising campaigns and improve customer communication efficiency

  • Business Owners

    Interested in implementing AI to optimize business processes and increase productivity.

  • Data Analysts

    Who want to study AI for more accurate and faster an alysis of large amounts of information.

  • Public Relations Specialists

    Who want to use AI to personalize advertising campaigns and improve customer communication efficiency.

  • Financial Analysts

    Who want to use AI to predict markets and optimize investment strategies.

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Certificate of Course Completion

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate from PLATMA Academy.

This document, confirming your skills in artificial Intelligence for business and marketing, will be a strong argument in the job market. It’s a powerful addition to your resume that opens doors for career growth.


Skills You Will Add to Your Resume:

Mastered Tools:

  • Data analysis and forecasting with AI
  • Implementation of personalized marketing strategies using AI technologies
  • Development and implementation of AI models for trend forecasting and analysis in the field
  • Effective use of generative AI models for content and marketing material creation
  • Competitor environment analysis and development of competitive strategies with AI
  • Consideration of ethical aspects of using AI in business and working with data
  • Ability to use AI tools to improve CRM systems and customer interaction
  • Analysis and optimization of search engines using AI
Mastered Tools:
  • eightify
  • Midjourney
  • GPTs
  • claude
  • Headshots Pro
    Headshots Pro
  • SD3
  • GPTs
  • Elevenlabs
  • GPTs
  • Heygen
  • Huggingface
  • D-id
  • Mistral.ai
  • Chat.lmsys
  • Colab
  • Synthesia
  • Leonardo.ai
  • Toolify

What Our Students Say


  • Do I need prior knowledge of artificial Intelligence to participate in the course?

    No, the course is designed for different levels of knowledge. It covers both basics and deeper topics to meet the needs of various participants.

  • What specific skills will I gain after completing the course?

    You will gain skills in implementing artificial Intelligence in business strategies, data analysis, process automation, creating personalized marketing strategies, and much more.

  • What problems will this course help me solve in my work?

    The course will help you understand how to effectively use artificial Intelligence to optimize business processes, analyze data, create personalized marketing strategies, and improve your team’s productivity.

  • What types of businesses can benefit from using AI?

    AI can benefit various businesses, including retail, financial services, medical technology, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing. Today, AI can be used in almost any industry or non-profit activity.

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    Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

    Yes, all course participants will receive a certificate of successful completion.

  • photo
    Will there be practical assignments in the course?

    Our course is based on practical assignments. During the training, you will create your own cases and projects to help you apply the knowledge you have acquired in practice.

  • photo
    What resources and support are provided to course participants?

    Course participants can access video lessons, additional materials, a discussion chat, and instructor support.

  • photo
    Які переваги цей курс має порівняно з іншими подібними?

    Наш курс орієнтований на практичні навички та реальні вирішення проблем у сфері бізнесу та маркетингу. Ми не даємо абстрактної теорії, лише безпосередня користь для роботи з використанням останніх трендів AI.

  • photo
    Які вимоги до обладнання та програмного забезпечення для проходження курсу?

    Для проходження курсу потрібний доступ до Інтернету і пристрій (комп’ютер, планшет або смартфон) з можливістю перегляду відеоматеріалів та виконання практичних завдань. ;

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