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Backend Python Engineer

We’ll guide you from zero to junior level and unveil all the secrets of career growth.
  • Opportunity to earn $1,000 from the start
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  • Beginner course
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    Start: 17.06.24 О 19:00
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    Format: online
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    Duration: 4 months (24 hours of theory and 70 hours of practice)

Our Course is Suitable For:

  • student
    Students and Graduates

    Looking to develop in the field of programming and prepare for a career in the IT industry.

  • Фахівцям, які потребують DevOps-навичок
    Wanting to improve their skills

    Regardless of your level, our course will help you expand your knowledge and prepare for new challenges in the IT field.

  • DevOps-інженерам початкового рівня
    Professionals changing careers

    Wanting to retrain and find a job in programming, even without previous experience in this field

  • frilancers
    Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

    Who want to expand their skills and knowledge to implement their ideas and projects.

Course Program

Each module will prepare you for real-world tasks. This approach will help you become a successful software developer, work more easily on projects, and build a career.
  • python
    Module 1
    Basics of Python for Web Development
    More details

    Knowledge of Python basics, the ability to use basic constructs and data types. The skills gained in this module will help you create web applications and perform web developer tasks using Python.

  • database
    Module 2
    Introduction to Web Development and Databases
    More details

    Basics of web technologies, introduction to databases. The knowledge gained about databases will help you effectively interact with data storage and processing in your projects.

  • django
    Module 3
    Developing Web Applications with Django – Basics
    More details

    Deep understanding of the Django framework’s ability to create basic web applications. You can independently create basic web applications using Django and implement their functionality.

  • django
    Module 4
    Advanced Aspects of Django
    More details

    Advanced understanding of Django, including working with advanced features, creating APIs, and optimization. After this module, you can develop complex web applications using Django, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

  • manegement
    Module 5
    Testing, Security, and Optimization of Web Applications
    More details

    Understanding and applying testing methods, ensuring security and optimization of web applications. You can optimize the performance and efficiency of your code and web applications to improve their performance and efficiency.

  • infinity
    Module 6
    Real Project, Deployment, and DevOps
    More details

    Ability to implement complex web applications, deploy them on the internet, and use DevOps basics. Deployment and DevOps skills will allow you to deploy web applications online and ensure their reliable and efficient operation.

Final Project

“Comprehensive Web Service for Task Management”

Project Goal: Create a fully functional web application for managing personal and team tasks with user registration/authentication, task creation, editing, tracking, and real-time user communication.

Tasks that students perform during the project:

  • Designing the application architecture
  • Setting up the project and its dependencies
  • Developing models, views, and templates
  • Implementing registration/authentication and task management functionality
  • Setting up the project and its dependencies
  • Developing models, views, and templates
  • Implementing registration/authentication and task management functionality.
final project final project final project
final project final project final project

Your Path in the Course

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  • Access to Training
  • Course Progress on the Platform
  • Consultation from Course Mentor
  • 3 Months Mastering a New Profession
  • Access to HR Block
  • Get Recommendations to Our Partners
  • Update Resume, Promotion, or Transition to a New Company with Higher Earnings
  • Exam Completion
  • Completion of Part 2 of Training and Mastering the Profession
  • Improve Resume and Social Media Profiles

After the course, you will be able to:


Junior Python Developer Position: Have the necessary skills to work in entry-level positions in IT companies.


Continue Learning and Development: Be ready for further self-study and skill improvement in programming.


Work on Your Own Projects: Gain knowledge and experience necessary for developing your own programs and web applications.

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Increase Employment Chances: With a prepared resume and certificate, you will be able to enter the IT job market confidently.

Course Mentor:

Darii Khorkov
Senior Software Engineer, AndGo by GoodYear
  • 4-time winner of the Kyiv Programming Tournament and 2-time winner of the Ukrainian Programming Olympiad
  • Managed a team of 40 people, created startups from scratch
  • Worked with large companies
  • Optimized team workflows, accelerated data preparation by 200% with quality improvement up to 95%
  • Implemented an automated financial reporting system, reducing company expenses by 17%
  • Improved client interaction system, reducing team workload by more than 1.5 FTE
  • Identified and corrected systematic errors in a dataset of over 10 million images.

Course Mentor:

Konstantin Kosenkov
Automation Specialist у Ubisoft Ukraine
  • Proficient in: Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL, Gitlab CI/CD, Excel VBA, Powershell
  • Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Master’s in
  • Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
  • Work Experience: Over two years as an Automation Specialist at Ubisoft Ukraine
  • Automated manual tests for the menu in Assassin’s Creed Mirage
  • Set up the process of automatic test runs on multiple machines

Course Mentors:

In our course, you will be able to work with experienced and friendly mentors who will accompany you at all stages of learning. Their role:
Individual Support
Our mentors are ready to answer your questions, provide help, and even conduct additional classes for difficult topics.
Guidance and Advice
They will share their experience and best practices in programming to help you grow as a professional.
Evaluation and Feedback
They will provide constructive criticism and advice on your progress, helping you grow as a programmer.
Motivational Support
Mentors will stimulate and support you on your way to achieving your programming goals.

Your Resume After the Course

Dj Rest Framework
Dj Rest Framework

Python Junior Developer

  • Confident mastery of the Python programming language: Demonstrate an understanding of the language’s main concepts and apply them in practical tasks.
  • Skills in developing programs and web applications: Be able to develop programs in Python and create simple web applications using frameworks such as Flask or Django.
  • Working with databases: Work with relational and non-relational databases and be able to create, read, update, and delete data using SQL and ORM libraries.
  • Solving data analysis and machine learning tasks: Gain basic knowledge of data processing and analysis and be able to use libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Scikit-learn to create machine learning models.

What You Get After Training

  • resume
    Ready Resume

    Receive a professionally designed resume highlighting your new skills and achievements to confidently present yourself on the job market.

  • lamp
    Skills and Knowledge

    Master the key tools and technologies needed for software development using Python, making you competitive in the job market

  • certificate

    An official confirmation of successful course completion from Platma Academy, certifying your new skills and knowledge in Python and web development.

  • portfolio
    Project Portfolio

    Two projects that you develop during the course will become your work examples, enhancing your attractiveness to potential employers.

  • comunity
    Support and Community

    Receive support from our mentors and community of participants, helping you solve complex tasks and grow as a professional.

With these resources, you will be ready to enter the job market and further develop your career in programming.

How Your Training Goes

Online Forma

Each lesson is conducted online on the platform using actual cases.

Emphasis on Practice

The Data Wizard course is based on practice and interaction with experienced mentors.

Professional Mentors

Only engaging training from people with rich backgrounds who know what they are doing and are ready to help.

Class Recordings

Each lesson is recorded and available for viewing the next day.

Flexible Schedule

You can watch recordings and study whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Online Platform

Become part of the student community and exchange experiences and questions.

Course Reviews


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    Who is this course for?

    The course is intended for beginners who want to acquire web development skills using Python and Django.

  • photo
    If I have never programmed, can I start from scratch?

    Yes, the course is designed for absolute beginners, and we start from the basics.

  • photo
    Is this really a demanded profession?

    Yes, Python developers are highly valued in the job market, and their demand constantly grows.

  • photo
    Do I need to know English to take the course?

    Basic English is desirable, as English resources are often used for learning.

  • photo
    Are paid programs used in the course?

    Most of the programs used in the course are free or have free alternatives.

  • photo
    What do Python developers do?

    Python developers create web applications, analyze data, develop artificial intelligence, and more.

  • photo
    What happens if I miss a class?

    All lessons are recorded so that you can watch them at a convenient time.

  • photo
    What equipment and software are needed for training?

    A computer and internet access are required. We will provide all the necessary software for the course.

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