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Free lecture 
Date: 07.02.24
Time: 19:00 

Data Scientist/Data Analyst

This is the introduction to the profession and the perfect place to start. You will learn what a Data Scientist/Data Analyst does and why this profession will remain a great choice and investment for many years.


Free lecture 
Date: 07.02.24
Time: 19:00 


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Choose a new direction in IT that offers:

  • High salaries
    High salaries
  • Stable employment
    Stable employment and growth
  • Remote work around the world
    Remote work around the world
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Introduction to the profession

Will AI replace most professionals in the coming years? Some experts say up to 70% of current jobs may need to be recovered. Is this true? And is there a way to protect your future?

If marketers, financial analysts, and even developers are at risk of being replaced by algorithms that think and work faster than humans.
How do you become someone that is not replaceable?
How do you benefit from AI rather than be harmed by it?

Advantages of being a data analyst:
High salaries

High salaries and excellent opportunities for career growth

An in-demand job that will not lose its

An in-demand job that will not lose its relevance for another 15–20 years

Work remotely

Work remotely, without borders or limitations

path to explore

A new, satisfying, and exciting career path to explore


Learn all this and more during

our free lecture on 07.02.24 at 7:00 PM.

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Our topics to discuss

Data Science and Data AnalystAnalyst
Data Science and Data Analyst

What can you find in this field, and how to start?

problems on the way
Possible issues

starting from learning this field to your first job in this new area?

inside the IT project
What is under the hood of

any IT project, and what is the role of Data Science?

Data Science
Why is Data Science

a profession that AI will NEVER replace? How to use AI for your work purposes?

cool team
How to find a great team

and get a fair wage in the Data Science/Data Analyst profession?

get a first job
How to get your first job

as a Data Analyst/Data Scientist. Tips and solutions to start.

I want to learn about Data Science and manage AI

Who is the Lecture For?

who want to know
For those who want to know what Data Science is
and how this work is organized
For specialists
For professionals in related fields
looking for new opportunities
sought-after IT profession
For those looking for an in-demand IT profession
without the potential to be replaced by artificial intelligence
try themselves in IT
For those who want to try their hand at IT
but need to figure out where to start their journey.

Would you like to grasp everything but still have a lot of doubts and questions in your mind?

question icon

Can I handle a new profession?

question icon

Is the field of data analytics a good fit for me?

doubting man
question icon

I’m afraid to start from scratch. Not sure if I can make it work.

question icon

Anyone can learn a new profession and find their niche in IT.

Course curator

Igor Betley

Igor Betley – Head of R&D in Platma & Agrosem

  • 10+ years of experience in implementing BI, Data Science, and AI systems in business.
  • 22+ companies from the USA/Europe/Ukraine with a turnover of +$22 billion annualy.
  • +20% – average increase in a company turnover after implementation of BI, Data Science, and AI solutions without increasing the workforce.
  • Author of educational programs that have taught 300+ students.
Igor is featured in:
Want to learn more about a profession

that AI will not replace for the next 15-20 years? Join the free lecture! Take your next step: close this site and watch a series, or find your future IT profession. The choice is yours 🙂


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